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E Ink and Its 25 Partners Jointly Showcase a Complete ePaper Ecosystem

April 17, 2023 – Billerica, MA - E Ink (8069.TWO), the originator, pioneer, and global commercial leader in ePaper technology, today announced that E Ink and its 25 ePaper ecosystem partners will join forces to showcase a complete ePaper ecosystem at Touch Taiwan 2023, starting on April 19. E Ink’s core technology goal is to create low-carbon ePaper and is working to combine their innovative technologies and product designs with ePaper ecosystem partners to fully showcase low-carbon and sustainable ePaper solutions.

E Ink is dedicated to building and managing the ePaper ecosystem. It has established an ecosystem of partners that spans IC design, module, system integration, and application development. The number of member companies that have joined the ePaper Industry Alliance has exceeded 150.

"Building a complete ePaper ecosystem is one of E Ink's important business strategies for expanding its business and promoting ePaper products,” said Johnson Lee, the CEO of E Ink Holdings. “We hope that as the ePaper market expands, all ecosystem partners can grow steadily with E Ink. Through continuous improvement of low-carbon ePaper technology and systems, we will be able to provide the market with more energy-saving ePaper products, and drive the partners in the ePaper ecosystem supply chain to achieve simultaneous development of corporate profitability and environmental sustainability."

Collaborating with Ecosystems Partners to showcase low-carbon sustainable e-paper solutions:

  • IC design partners: 8 IC design partners including Fitipower, Himax, UltraChip, Solomon, Realtek, IST, Mediatek, and Novatek, will showcase their ePaper IC solutions for electronic shelf labels (ESL) or eReaders, utilizing IC designs with lower power consumption to achieve more efficient energy management.
  • Oxide TFT Backplane: Sharp will collaborate with E Ink to showcase its exclusive IGZO backplane technology applied in the manufacturing of eReader and eNote modules. The IGZO backplanes used in ePaper displays strengthen the technology with higher resolution, faster page-turning speed, and lower power consumption, providing consumers with a better reading experience.
  • Module manufacturing: In order to expand the supply of ePaper modules, E Ink actively partners with module manufacturers to provide customers with a full range of color ePaper modules in various sizes, which can be used for ESL, advertising display or large-size signage. Module partners participating in this exhibition include BOE, DKE, Yes Optoelectronics, QINGYUE, InnoLux, Xingtai, MVE, and Ink Cubic. They will exhibit series of color ePaper module products in different sizes respectively.
  • Smart Retail Solution: System Integrators of electronic shelf labels (ESL) from all over the world, including Hanshow, Pricer, Netronix, SES-Imagotag, and SoluM, will present their ESL solutions at this exhibition. They will showcase their latest color ESL systems. Leveraging dynamic display of ESLs combined with smart retail solutions enables real-time updating of product prices and promotional information, reducing the workforce needed to update price tags for retailers. The smart retail solution allows store staff to focus on improving customer service quality and optimizing store operations efficiency.
  • ePaper Signage System: TPV will showcase the new color ePaper signage systems, including 28-inch and 25.3-inch E Ink GalleryTM Plus color ePaper signage systems, 7.3-inch E Ink GalleryTM Palette advertising tag, and 10.3-inch E Ink KaleidoTM 3 color eNote.
  • Digital Writing Solution: Wacom will showcase its digital handwriting solution with the theme "Pen to Idea". By combining eNotes and digital handwriting pens in various usage scenarios such as reading, thinking, or sharing, they will demonstrate their natural and free handwriting solution that can be integrated into different eNote products.
  • Solar Technology: Exeger is a company from Sweden that has a unique solar power material technology, which can convert various forms of light energy into electrical energy. At the exhibition, Exeger will showcase the use of their new flexible solar technology called Powerfoyle, which can convert outdoor natural light or indoor ambient light into a continuous renewable energy source. The technology can be applied to the eNote cover to power eNote’s battery.

During the three-day exhibition of Touch Taiwan, E Ink and its ePaper ecosystem partners will jointly hold 15 live presentations. Guided tours will also be arranged every day, introducing visitors to learn the full range of color, smart, and low-carbon ePaper technologies and applications at regular intervals.

Join E Ink at Touch Taiwan 2023

Time: 10am-5pm, Apr. 19th – Apr. 21st

Booth: #M901

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F

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