E Ink Spectra™ 6

E Ink Spectra™ 6
Vivid Full Color




E Ink Spectra 6 builds upon the prior generations of the Spectra platform.

E Ink Spectra 6 features an enhanced color spectrum and an advanced color imaging algorithm to provide full color to improve marketing and advertising performance. E Ink Spectra 6 will be offered in a variety of display sizes, allowing customers to choose a suitable size for different application scenarios.

E Ink Spectra 6 display modules are planned for release in 2024. 


  • Resolution: Up to 200 pixels per inch (PPI)
  • Typical contrast ratio: 30:1 (Depending on panel size)
  • Operating temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius.
  • E Ink Spectra 6 can also create a partial image flashing effect, E Ink Sparkle™, which enhances the effect of advertising messages through motion, and helps advertisers achieve better results for their product promotions. 


E Ink Spectra 6 aimed to provide a truly print quality replacement for any paper sign, including POP displays, signage and posters and other in-store advertising